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Hello and welcome to my Avon e-store, My name is Kathy,I am an Avon Representative. I love Avon products! And I am very excited to bring them to you! They are affordable and with the 100% money back guarantee, how can you go wrong! Want to SELL than Just Join Today Click on SELL AVON and choose your kit Just $25 for Kit and free website and FREE TRAINING. Join My team Success

If you, or anyone you know, would like to be an Avon Representative please contact me. You can sell Avon and you can earn residual income by helping others get started too. Email me for information and I will get back to you as soon as I am in my Avon Office

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1.Convenience - Items brought to your doorstep by a Friendly Avon Representative! Yes That's me.No more waiting in line with your young children. Shop Online Direct Order shipped to your home

2. Selection - Avon has the largest color palette on the planet. And great products for each skin type, age group, and budget. We are also have a MARK line for the teenagers and young adults.

3. Quality Skin Care - Avon's world-class research scientists are continuing to revolutionize beauty products!! Who brought the world the alpha hydroxyl technology? Avon! And that was just the beginning! Wait til you see what we have now? Better results than your current product regardless of who makes it for less $$$! Take the challenge!!

4. Economy - Avon is #1 because they've shown over the decades (115 years and counting) that quality can be cheap. We have skin care from $1 to $30, who else has that kind of variety? The #1 selling anti aging skin care in the nation!! 100% money back guaranteed so the products have to be good!!

5. Jewelry - Very unique & top quality pieces ranging from $1 - $100, all with 100% money back guarantee!! Includes Sterling Silver and Fine Gold Jewelry.

6. 100% Guaranteed - If you're not satisfied with anything, Avon gives you a full refund or replacement.

7. Gift giving - Great selection of unique gifts not found anywhere else. It's not just about makeup & jewelry, ya know! Sponge Bob, Barbie, Scooby Doo, NASCAR, MatchBox, Precious Moments, SnowBunnies, and more

8. Fundraising- Does your church, school, or organization needs to raise funds? Call me to find out how they can earn 30% of sales with a specialized Avon fund-raiser. Tired of popcorn and candy? Many have raised $10,000 +.

9. Fun - Have an Avon party and win free Avon. Earn money or products by being an Avon helper. For only $25 join Avon and get $50 free products in your Start up Kit.Interested? Then click Sell Avon and start today!

Interesting fact: Where else can a single Mom start her own business for $25 and support a family? Only Avon!

10. Ease - Tired of standing in line at Wal-Mart? We have deodorants for 99 cents, Shampoo, bubble bath and many of your daily used products at lower prices than your "wait in line" stores!!

Try us! Our products are guaranteed and we pick up and deliver!!
It is so simple to place your order: Online

Avon Calling! It is what I always think of when I hear about Avon. It has been in business for over 130 years! Avon did call me and I am taking that call. Avon has so many opportunities to make your life what you want. For me, a wife and mother of two I know Avon is the way. Avon has a new Kickstart program where you can make $1000 or more in the first 90 days! You can make 40% on all your sales online and face to face! Excited? Click on This is Boss Life on the homepage.

Kathy's Tip of the month!

Is Avon Skin So Soft a good mosquito repellent? YES!!! You can also use on your PETS and livestock, also kills ants on contact!!!

A light non-greasy formula, spray on damp skin to lock in essential moisture. Original Dry Oil Body Spray contains a key ingredient called Citronella so it is also a great insect and mosquito repellent! Avon Skin So Soft has always been one ofAvon's most popular fragranced bath and body ranges.

Skin so Soft is on sale!!! Stock up for spring and summer!

thank you for shopping online with me!

Your Avon Online Rep Kathy Jodway

About Avon

Avon is the company that stands for beauty, innovation, optimism, and above all for women.

Avon Corporate Information

New Avon LLC ("Avon") is a privately-held company consisting of the Avon businesses in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. For more than 130 years, the Avon brand has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women. Avon products are sold through active independent Avon Sales Representatives in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, and include color cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and fashion and home, featuring such well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, ANEW, Avon Care, Skin-So-Soft, and Advance Techniques. Learn more about Avon and its products at

Avon Philanthropy Information

As the "company for women," Avon has the unique ability and commitment to educate and mobilize people on issues that are of vital importance to women. That’s why global philanthropy is at our core as a company.

Through our network of six million Avon Sales Representatives ("Representatives") worldwide, we have a unique ability to educate and mobilize people on issues that are of vital importance to women. By combining the power of the individual and the collective power of our worldwide network of Representatives into one powerful philanthropic force, together Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women ("Avon Foundation") — a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) public charity — are a global leader in philanthropy.

This unique partnership of corporate philanthropy and a public charity is focused on two core areas: eradicating breast cancer and ending violence against women. In 2016 Avon reached a proud milestone of donating $1 billion in global contributions to support causes that matter most to women.

The Avon Brands

Avon is an industry leader in anti-aging skin care products, fragrance and color cosmetics. Its product line includes beauty products, fashion jewelry and apparel and features such well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, ANEW, Skin-So-Soft, Advance Techniques and mark.

Learn more about Avon and its products at